Perspective & Objectives

The Symbiosis Society’s Afro Asian Cultural Museum is a celebration of cultural kaleidoscope.

A kaleidoscope of cultures!

Countless students of Symbiosis are glad to contribute their personal belongings to Symbiosis Society’s Afro Asian Cultural Museum, a treasure trove of historical resonance and inspiration. It is a fascinating time travel at the museum, which is rich with such timeless treasures. As you step in, an aura of exclusivity envelopes you. Magic of the place castes its spell on you. The masterpieces are countless and their significance, matchless.

Every piece has a story to tell!

Bells from Bhutan palace invoke a grand past. One look at the traditional coffee pots from Eritrea and you feel the strong aroma of coffee. Traditional dagger from Middle East exudes the fighting spirit. Exact Replica of Pashupati Nath Temple from Nepal simply takes your breath away. Replica of dragons and religious masks from Bhutan never ceases to amaze. Dodo, the national bird of Mauritius takes us down the memory lane.

Such an incredible collection has turned the Symbiosis Society’s Afro Asian Cultural Museum into an enriching experience for those with historical imagination and passion for culture.

The museum, inaugurated by the then President of India, Honourable Shri K. R. Narayanan on December 19, 2001, is only one of its kind in the country.

And a dream took shape!

It all began with a dream, seen and pursued by a visionary and a born leader, Dr. S.B. Mujumdar. He founded Symbiosis as an International Cultural and Educational Center in 1971. The idea was to impart best education and the spirit of co-existence to students from African and Asian countries.

Symbiosis is a botanical term meaning ‘living together of two different organisms for mutual benefit’ that leads to thriving together with mutual trust. With a firm belief in ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam- World is One Family’, Symbiosis has established itself as a premier educational institution in Maharashtra. Within a short span of 45 years, Symbiosis has expanded its horizons in 46 different areas with 176 different courses and student strength of about 35,000 students on campus. The students from all over India as well as from other 85 countries are studying in different institutes of Symbiosis.

Today Symbiosis is known in India and abroad as one of the best educational institutes imparting world class education in various fields such as Management, Law, Computers, Healthcare, Arts and Commerce and Distance Learning. The distance education programmes have an enrolment of over 2 lac students. By virtue of its academic excellence, the University Grants Commission (UGC), Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India has conferred upon Symbiosis the status of “Deemed University”.

Home away from home

Pune figures prominently on the world map, as an educational hub with a multitude of opportunities. A number of foreign students come to Pune in pursuit of higher education.

Symbiosis is committed to provide ‘home away from home’ to these students, a home where different nationalities, cultural identities and personalities co-exist in perfect harmony. The students are offered the best learning resources, industry exposure, a strong international students’ alumni network, a global recognition, and above all, a truly enriching Indian experience.

Perspective & Objectives

The Afro Asian students are in majority amongst the international fraternity at Symbiosis. The Symbiosis Society’s Afro Asian Cultural Museum is a celebration of this cultural kaleidoscope. It serves many purposes.

  • It is point of prestige and pride for these students that their culture is understood and admired by other students and citizens.

  • It is a destination in itself, offering cultural treasures of various cultures under one roof.

  • It is like a wisdom tree, enlightening us on finer aspects of other cultures.

  • It creates a sense of belonging in the international students, as their personal contributions are lovingly displayed in the museum.

  • It is an inspiring experience for the young and old alike.